Here at Godlyke, we understand that all pedalboards are not created equal – they come in all shapes and sizes and with an unlimited variety of pedal configurations and wiring requirements. That’s why our Power-All System offers the widest selection of power connection cables available on the market.

Power-All cables feature 26-AWG gauge, OFC copper wire with oil-resistant vinyl sheathes. Color-coded plugs allow easy identification of the cable type without compromising the visual appeal of your pedalboard layout.

All Power-All Cables now feature our custom Lo-Pro™ plug design – Lo-Pro™ plugs offer the smallest plug dimensions possible in order to save space on your pedalboard and to make connection to your pedals quick, easy and efficient.


All Lo-Pro™ male barrel plugs feature spring-loaded jacks to assure a snug connection that won’t come dislodged, providing consistent power flow to your pedals.

Lo-Pro™ plugs are available in both straight and right-angle configurations to optimize space on crowded pedalboards.

Whether you’re using our Power-All digital Power Supply or another manufacturers’ multi-output power brick, Power-All cables are the best way to ensure that your pedals are getting the power they need - where and when they need it.