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The Cable-Y Right-Angle Splitter Cable allows the user to power two pedals from one Power-All or one leg of a Daisy-Chain cable.* This allows for power chaining of additional pedals without a adding a second Daisy-Chain cable.*

The C-Y/R offers the following features:

  • 1 x Female Barrel jack to connect to Power-All or other power source (C-M/M & C-BL Cable may be required to connect C-Y to brick-style power supplies)
  • 2 x right-angle Male Barrel plugs to connect to pedals or other cables.
  • Spring-loaded male plugs to reduce chance of disconnection
  • 26-gauge Cable with oil-resistant vinyl sheath
  • Approximately 15” (approx. 381 mm) cable length between plugs
  • NEW Lo-Pro™ Plug design offers the smallest plug dimensions possible in order to save space on your pedalboard and to make connection to your pedals quick, easy and efficient
power-all low profile plug comparison


  • Female Barrel Jack (1): 5.5 mm O.D.; 2.1 mm I.D.
  • Right-Angle Male Barrel Plugs (2): 5.5 mm O.D.; 2.1 mm I.D.; 10 mm barrel length
  • Cable: 26-gauge, OFC with oil-resistant vinyl sheath
  • Approximately 15” (approx. 381 mm) cable length between plugs


  • Output polarity of C-Y/R’s Male Barrel Plugs will match the polarity of source connected to Female Barrel Jack (i.e. if Power Supply is tip-negative, then C-Y/R outputs will all be tip-negative)
  • Connect C-M/M Cable to C-Y/R’s Female Barrel Jack to connect to brick-style power supplies or other sources with Female Power Output Jacks
  • Connect additional Daisy-Chains or C-Y’s to C-Y/R’s male Barrel Plugs to power additional pedals*
  • Connect Cable-Red to female jack C-Y/R to reverse the output polarity of all male plugs
  • Connect Cable-Red to male plug on C-Y/R to reverse the output polarity of that plug (may not work with positive-ground-to-chassis pedals)
  • Use C-Cap to cover unused Male Barrel Plugs & prevent short-circuits


All effect units to be powered should have the same ground configuration to-chassis. Effects with different ground configurations cannot be powered off the same PA-9 unit without using the Ground Hound ground isolator unit (sold separately). Please contact us at for more information.

*Sum of current draws of pedals used should not exceed maximum output current of Power Supply.

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Smart Design

Well made cables for the price, and they did the smart thing by giving you two male plugs and one female end. The opposite style offered by most brands forces you to use two additional cables to connect to your pedals. With these, you connect the splitter directly to the pedals and then only need one cable to connect the y-splitter to the power supply and you're set. Smart design!