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The people of Denmark are a paradoxical bunch.

The country boasts one of the highest living standards in the western world, and the Danes are known for a near Utopian work-life balance achieved through the lifestyle known as “Hygge.”

Yet when the Danes work, they WORK. This tiny kingdom can be credited for a wide range of ingenious inventions, including Google Maps, wind energy, LEGO building bricks, and two that are very near and dear to our industry - the loudspeaker and the dry cell battery.

Some of the world’s most renowned designers in a variety of industries hail from Denmark, including AJ Cutlery, Bang & Olufsen, and Copenhagen Crystal.
Form and Function – that’s the design objective of the Danes.

EMMA Electronic brings this Danish dichotomy of fun-loving frivolity and futuristic functionality to the world of Guitar Effects.

Designed by owner and founder Jan Behnke, EMMA Electronic effects have been eliciting awe from pedal provocateurs since Y2K.

Lauded by guitar gear gurus and pro performers for their full-featured designs and superlative sound, EMMA’s cute yet clever names belie the superior sonic smorgasbord hidden under their hoods.

So grab a Carlsberg, plug into an EMMA pedal & find out what Hygge is all about. And if you’re having trouble pronouncing the name, just sound it out…