Welcome to www.godlyke.com - the direct outlet for all merchandise distributed by Godlyke, Inc. and the central source for information and service relating to the products our company distributes.

Godlyke, Inc. was founded in October of 1998 by life-long friends and musicians Kevin Bolembach and George Schwab.  Unlike the typical “jobber” distributor, Godlyke was created in an effort to bring high-quality, boutique musical products from around the world to the U.S. marketplace.  Our emphasis has always been on quality over quantity, and we will never place profit ahead of performance.

As the exclusive distributor of such notable product lines as Maxon, Guyatone, EMMA Electronic, and our own Power-All® brand, Godlyke, Inc.’s continued growth has proven that discerning musicians want to stand out from the pack.

At Godlyke we are constantly striving to perfect the science of sound. As a musician-run company we are firmly committed to supplying fellow players with the ultimate tone tools. Our company formula blends time-tested designs, quality engineering and expert service to create a reliable, enjoyable purchase experience for our customers that they will value for years to come.

Our wide range of quality products have received countless praises from amateurs and pros alike as well as numerous awards from the most respected music publications. These achievements and our commitment to excellence continue to drive us in our quest for the ultimate tone.