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The Cable-Blue Adapter converts a standard 5.5 mm Barrel Plug to a 3.5 mm (1/8”) Phone Plug.

The Cable-Blue is wired so that the pin (tip) of the female barrel plug connects to the sleeve of the male phone plug.

If connected to a standard, tip-negative power source, this will provide a positive (+) polarity on the tip of the male phone plug.

The C-BL offers the following features:

  • 1 x Female Barrel jack to connect to Power-All or other power source (C-M/M Cable may be required to connect C-BL to brick-style power supplies)
  • 1 x straight Phone Plug to connect to pedals or other cables
  • 26-gauge Cable with oil-resistant vinyl sheath
  • 12” (approx. 305 mm) Cable length between plugs
  • NEW Lo-Pro™ Plug design offers the smallest plug dimensions possible in order to save space on your pedalboard and to make connection to your pedals quick, easy and efficient

power-all low profile plug comparison


  • Female Barrel Jack (1): 5.5 mm O.D.; 2.1 mm I.D.
  • Male Phone Plug (1): 3.5 mm O.D.; 15 mm plug length
  • Cable: 26-gauge, OFC with oil-resistant vinyl sheath
  • 12” (approx. 305 mm) Cable length between plugs


  • Output polarity of C-BL’s Male Phone Plug is dependent on the polarity of the power source it is connected to.  For example:  If power source is tip-negative (-), then output polarity of the C-Bl's male phone plug will be tip-positive (+)
  • Connect C-M/M Cable to C-BL’s Female Barrel Jack to connect to brick-style power supplies or other sources with Female Power Output Jacks
  • For Dunlop DC Brick, connect Male Phone Plug to DC Brick & Female Barrel Jack to C-M/M, Daisy-Chain*, Y-Splitter* or Adaptor Cables
  • Connect Cable-Red to Female Barrel Jack of the C-BL to reverse (flip) the output polarity of the Male Phone plug.  
  • Confused?  E-mail us at with questions before making any power connections.


Some pedals that require tip-positive polarity at their power input are actually wired with a positive ground to chassis. Some examples of this are the Fuzz Face & Tonebender and many boutique pedals based on these designs.

Pedals with this ground configuration cannot be powered from a series power source (e.g. a Daisy Chain) along with pedals that have a negative ground to chassis.

In this case, the GH-1 Ground Hound could be used on the positive-ground pedal to allow it to be powered along with negative-ground to chassis pedals off the same Daisy Chain.

Please contact us at for more information on this issue.

*Sum of current draws of pedals used should not exceed maximum output current of Power Supply.

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