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SPECIALE DD 1959 (two channel overdrive) *discontinued*

SPECIALE DD 1959 (two channel overdrive) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering.  

Dual-channel Analog Tube Overdrive

The SPECIALE DD1959 is inspired by the legendary British tone of the Marshall 1959 Plexi.

The two independent, tube-driven channels offer sounds from slight edge to super lead to cover all your needs from blues to hard rock. Each channel is equipped with dedicated gain and volume controls and a complete tone stack built with low impedance technology to better sculpt your sound.

The footswitchable Boost function is post effects loop in order to allow better functionality, and can be applied to either channel for up to +6 dB of additional level.

The FX loop is equipped with an analog mixer in order to switch from series to parallel and - in the case of parallel use - from dry to wet. The “Rec.out”, features an analog design to better preserve the sound details of the speaker simulator, which emulates a SM57 in front of a V30 speaker in a 2×12 Cab.

Thanks to the newly updated clean channel; SPECIALE DD1959 can be used with an amp or without. Using the Rec.out jack, the Bypass footswitch becomes a third, “clean” channel with preset EQ and footswitchable Boost function.

A marked improvement over the original design, the SPECIALE DD1959 features superior components and a complete redesign of many stages. For example: Channel 2 now has an extra gain stage that is useful for creating a sound richer in detail and dynamics. This allows you to range from a great rhythmic sound to lead playing. If gain is increased, it adds in the mild tube compression that is perfect for shredding.

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