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SIMPLY MANIAC (super drive overdrive) *discontinued*

SIMPLY MANIAC (super drive overdrive) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering. 

Super Drive Overdrive

As its name suggests, SIMPLY MANIAC is a high-gain drive pedal designed to offer “classic hard distortion” ideal for rock guitar and soloing.

Inspired by the legendary “brown sound” of a hot-rodded vintage Plexi, SIMPLY MANIAC offers a seamless transition between low and high gain levels while retaining dynamics and touch responsiveness.

SIMPLY MANIAC features a unique twin parallel input buffer that accepts high or low impedance signals with equal aplomb. A 3-band active tone stack running at 24 VDC internally provides maximum headroom and dynamic response while providing low-noise performance even at high gain settings.

Mechanical true bypass switching makes sure your bypassed signal remains clean and unaltered when the effect is OFF.

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