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SEXYCOMP76 (opto limiter compressor) *discontinued*

SEXYCOMP76 (opto limiter compressor) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering.

Opto Limiter Compressor


SEXYCOMP76 is a pro-quality, optical compressor/limiter that is optimized for use with Guitar, Bass and acoustic string instruments.

The compression section can be used to add sustain and punch to notes, while the Limiter section will control the maximum signal level that is output.

Simple and intuitive to use, SEXYCOMP76’s compressor and limiter modes can be mixed together for unprecedented manipulation of sustain and signal level characteristics.

SEXYCOMP76’s internal circuitry features a professional-grade IC and a hand-selected LDR, all running internally at 24 VDC for maximum headroom and dynamic response.

The Input Level control determines the threshold of the compression effect, while Ratio control determines how much compression will be added.

The Tone control can add back the brightness often lost with compression effects, while the Output Level control can be used to balance bypassed and effected volumes or boost output to push an amplifier harder.

Mechanical true bypass switching makes sure you bypassed signal remains clean and unaltered.

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