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  • Overdrive with real Vacuum Tube
  • Three cascading Gain stages - NO Clipping diodes
  • Three-band tone circuit with Bass, Midrange and Treble
  • Switchable Noise Suppressor with variable Threshold
  • Heater In-rush current control warms tube upon power-up
  • True Bypass Switching

The RTO is an amazingly amp-like overdrive. While many companies claim to offer “amp in a box” pedals, the RTO is in actuality a tube preamp circuit in a stand-alone stompbox format.

The RTO700 has all the tone and responsiveness of the best boutique tube amps.  From bluesy overdrives to the elusive “Brown Sound” and beyond, all can be easily achieved with any amp at any volume when using the RTO.

Regardless of its control settings, the RTO reacts like a tube amp, cleaning up when you roll off your guitar’s volume and effortlessly tracking the most intricate picking nuances.

The secret to the RTO700’s amp-like feel is the absence of clipping diodes in the circuit.  Instead, the RTO features three cascading gain stages with an extremely high output level.  This configuration combined with the placement of the tube at the end of the circuit yields the warmest, most authentic tube tone possible.

Higher gain settings can be kept tight and noise-free using the RTO’s switchable Noise Gate with variable Threshold.  The gate itself is incredibly responsive and tight, with none of the false-triggering and “sputter” common to other gate pedals.

The RTO’s 3-band EQ circuit is incredibly versatile and can literally dial in any tone imaginable.  With zero frequency overlap, all three controls are highly interactive and make even the slightest of tone tweaks possible under any playing situation.

The RTO700 features Mechanical True Bypass switching using a 3PDT for the cleanest bypass tone possible.  The RTO comes complete with the Maxon AC2009 9-Volt power supply, an auto sensing digital power supply that can be used anywhere in the world.

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