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POMPEII T1 (delay)

POMPEII T1 (delay)

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The Pompeii T1 takes the gorgeous, ethereal soundscapes of its big brother, the Pompeii PE603 and offers them up in a simple yet elegant, pedalboard-friendly package.

Every aspect of the T1 was carefully thought out to create the ultimate sound-on-sound delay.

The T1 is equipped with an analog tube preamp that is buffered at the first & second gain stages in order to preserve maximum linearity and provide ample headroom to replicate the input signal in authentic detail.  This preamp features a medium gain 12AX7/ECC83 powered by a voltage-boosting circuit for maximum dynamic response.

The preamp features a passive parallel mixing stage with a maximum 50% wet/dry mix in order to keep the delay effect pristine without becoming sterile.  The delay itself features a range of 87 to 560 milliseconds.

The T1’s circuit features the same tone filters that are found on heads 3 & 4 of the PE603.  These filter circuits were designed after meticulous analysis of the unique sound qualities of vintage Binson units in an effort to match their tonal characteristics with exacting precision.

The T1’s Tone & Feedback controls are highly interactive and allow the user to weave gorgeous sonic carpets that can be layered upon almost endlessly.  The Magic of Age control adds subtle to severe modulation to the delay effect, further accentuating the depth and dimensionality of the repeats.

As visually striking as the sounds it creates, the T1’s features a bent steel, hammer-tone chassis with a laser-etched plexiglass faceplate.  Only the highest quality thru-hole components, including gold-plated switches and jacks, are used to ensure years of trouble-free performance.

From its natural response to your playing dynamics to its otherworldly echo incarnations, the Pompeii T1 brings vintage sound-on-sound delay effects up from the past, thru to the present and on into the future.

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Customer Reviews

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Simply stunning

I've had the opportunity to play with this delay for several months and I will say right out of the gate, this is, in my most objective opinion possible, the most beautiful and pleasant echo delay pedal I've ever heard. I've been fortunate to stumble upon this pedal by accident and I am so glad I did. It is a stunning and stellar delay with sounds that are majestic. The tube gives it such a warm and pure sound. The echo voicing is rich and deep toned echo trails are pure bliss. I have many delay pedals, including several Binson-style delay echo units (I have pretty much all of the clones) as well as a myriad of popular and boutique and excellent delay units, The T1 Pompeii is by far my favorite and has permanent residence on my pedal board. I've received nothing but compliments on my sound due to this pedal. I give this unit my highest possible recommendation. Pick one up if you can, this is truly a special delay that holds its value with integrity.