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OCTOVERDRIVE™ - all-original overdrive w/ octavia

OCTOVERDRIVE™ - all-original overdrive w/ octavia

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Please allow up to 10 business days for your Octoverdrive to be built, tested, and properly haunted.
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All-Original Overdrive
  w/ switchable Octavia circuit:

  • 100% Original and Unique Drive Circuit based around obsolete SELENIUM DIODES.
  • TREAT channelA thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive
  • TRICK channelAdds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive that retains low-
    end while also boosting output level
  • Footswitchable channel selection with LED indicators
  • 3-band cut/boost EQ – Lows, Mids, and Highs
  • Dry Blend control - Blends clean signal with drive
  • Scary sounds with Guitar or Bass!
  • Jack O’Lantern LED display lights when pedal is engaged!
  • 9 VDC power (external power source required)
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching
  • Made in USA
"There is magic on All-Hallows night, when the Jack o ‘Lantern glows bright."

- Ancient All-Hallows blessing
Autumn is our absolute favorite time of year, and to celebrate the Season of the Witch and all that is scary, spooky and frighteningly fun, we present the TWA Octoverdrive™!

Like Frankenstein’s Monster, cobbled together from discorporate parts and then electrified back to life, the heart of the Octoverdrive hides archaic, undead components that should not create sound – and yet, it lives!

Cursed to clip for all eternity by a set of selenium rectifiers, the Octoverdrive offers two channels of diabolical dirt:
  • TREAT – A thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive with the perfect degree of compression.  Treat goes from creepy crunch to ghoulish gain with eerie ease.
  • TRICK – Adds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive signal. Unlike other Octavia’s, the Octoverdrive retains low-end while boosting output level, effortlessly raising your guitar tone from the grave.
The Octoverdrive also features a 3-band cut/boost EQ circuit to hack and chop your tone to pieces. For the faint of heart, there’s a Dry Blend control to add a touch of purity to the Octoverdrive’s evil goodness.
Just like Halloween, the Octoverdrive only rears its pumpkin-crowned head once a year, so get your bony fingers on one—before the clock strikes midnight!



*Two days before we announced the release of the Octoverdrive, Stefan from the GuitarPedalX blog made us aware of the Cusack Screamer Fuzz Selenium.  

It is uncanny how similar Jon Cusack’s story about experimenting with selenium diodes was to Robert Derby’s – They say that the Universe gives the same idea to several people at the same time, so you better act on inspiration quickly! 

In any event, it seems that Cusack wins the award for “First company to use selenium diodes to process audio” as they released their pedal in 2020, so congrats guys and sorry we weren’t aware of it!!!

We just wanted to state for the record that the development of the Octoverdrive happened completely in its own time-space continuum and without any awareness that the Cusack device even existed.  Great minds…." -Kevin

*Please note, like all TWA Pedals, the Octoverdrive™ will be manufactured in a limited batch of 100.  Unfortunately we are unable to predict exactly when/if a next batch will be manufactured, however if these sell out quickly, we will definitely be making more next year!
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