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MIDISEX (midi controller)

MIDISEX (midi controller)

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MIDI Controller

MIDISEX24 is a midi controller that allows you to request 24 midi presets. The data sending is “program change”. Does not have settings for the data transmission channel; the “omnimode” system is always active to make it easier to connect with other devices. In case to connection with that do not have this function, is possible to check the first or sixteenth RX channel. MIDISEX24 is equipped with “PHANTOM POWER” so that it can be powered with a single 5 pole din cable. The “phantom”requires a 12vdc power supply with a minimum of 300mA of current.

The Pedals Power Interface can be managed by phantom power or an external power supply.  When using phantom power, maximum output current will depend on the current available from the phantom power.  When using an external power supply, the maximum output current a whopping 500mA. All outputs are low-noise stabilized and protected from short circuits and overheating.

Considering the compact dimensions, careful consideration was given to the angle of this device. The working angle of the pedal can be adjusted using the side screw.

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