MC-01 MICROCHASM - octave box
MC-01 MICROCHASM - octave box

MC-01 MICROCHASM - octave box

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The TWA MC-01 MicroChasm borrows the fast-tracking, deliciously organic octave-down circuit from TWA’s infamous Great Divide and packs into a compact, pedalboard-friendly package.
The MicroChasm’s 100% analog octave down circuit tracks quickly & accurately down to low-G on a Bass Guitar and features a Tone control that moves from deep, round subs to edgy, square wave synth pulses.
It’s 100% analog +1 octave voice creates a searing upper-octave harmonic as well as Distortion, Octavia and Ring-Modulator effects.
There is also a Footswitchable Solo feature allows user to select & solo either -1 Octave or +1 Octave voice using an external footswitch.
The MicroChasm offers a bottomless pit of pleasing, pliable analog octave tones for both Bass & Guitar.