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Maxon OD808 Pure True Bypass (P-TBS) Mod

Maxon OD808 Pure True Bypass (P-TBS) Mod

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In response to ongoing requests from discerning customers, Maxon Custom Shop is now offering True Bypass (TBS) modifications for the legendary OD808 Overdrive.

Developed by former Maxon® Chief Engineer Susumu Tamura (inventor of the Tubescreamer®*), MCS offers two variations of TBS modification to convert the OD808 from its factory-spec FET (electronic) switching format to a hard mechanical-bypass configuration.


For information on our Standard True Bypass Mod, click here.

Pure TBS: –
The Pure TBS mod removes not only the stock SPDT/DPDT footswitch, but also all of the components related to the FET switching circuit from the OD808 PC board.
The removal of these additional components creates a brighter, louder, less compressed tone that is more akin to the Maxon OD-9 in sound than to the stock OD808.

The Pure TBS mod uses the same high-quality “mini-3PDT” switch as the Standard TBS mod. This mini-3PDT has a smaller footprint than a standard 3PDT, providing enough room inside the chassis to still allow for installation of a 9-volt battery.
All wiring to the mini-3PDT switch is replaced with 26 AWG Mogami 2893 color-coded wire. A 1 Meg Ohm bleeder resistor is installed between the pedal input and ground in order to keep switching noise to a minimum.

P-TBS MODDED OD808 - $199.00
AFTER-MARKET P-TBS MOD - $50.00 plus shipping (buyer supplies OD808)

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