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IN STOCK.  Please allow up to 10 business days for us to mod and test your Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS808TMB.

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  • Magic IC & NOS Toshiba clipping diodes
  • +6dB Level Boost mod for increased output level
  • Zero alteration to tone or gain structure of pedal
  • Carling SPST plunger footswitch
  • Ultra-bright blue status LED
  • Hand-stamped faceplate
  • Signed by Susumu Tamura


Due to the limited availability of these pedals, a 20% restocking fee will be charged on all canceled orders.

The TS808-TMB is the next step in the endless evolution of the legendary 808 circuit that Susumu Tamura designed in 1979.

Considered by many to be the most important effect pedal ever created, the Tube Screamer is loved & lauded by millions of guitarists across  early every musical genre.

Yet for all its popularity, there always seems to be users who want to get “something more” out of their 808

This endless quest for the perfect “TS” tone has launched a cottage industry of its own, with boutique builders & large pedal conglomerates alike all offering up their interpretation of Mr. T’s timeless circuit design.

Yet due to the unique design and component interactions within the Tube Screamer, it is next to impossible to modify the circuit without altering the basic tonality of the pedal.

One of the more common requests amongst 808 mods is the desire for more output level to push an amp harder or simply to be heard better in a large, loud ensemble setting.

Yet the obvious component substitutions that would allow for more output level can also increase the saturation of the clipping diodes, or alter the cut-off frequencies of the pedal, effectively masking the signature “808” tone.

Tamura-san has analyzed this issue in great detail, and as a result has developed the TS808-TMB mod.

This ingenious mod “piggybacks” a second JRC4558 op amp onto the “magicIC found in the standard Tamura-mod 808. This additional amplifier stage offers a +6 dB output level boost over a standard TS808.

Since this second amplifier stage is placed after the main circuit, there is zero alteration to the basic tone or gain structure of the pedal.

What you get are all the incredible tones of the TS808-TM, just LOUDER.

+6 dB louder, to be precise—more than enough to pummel the input of any amp or jump out over a blaring band.

Each TS808-TMB pedal will feature the standard Tamura-mod circuit combined with the new level boost mod, and include an ultra-bright blue LED, hand-stamped faceplate, and Tamura-san’s signature on the back label.

*Due to the complex nature of the TMB mod, we are only offering these units in limited quantities.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited nature of this pedal, long lead-times, and transaction fees a 20% restocking fee will be charged on all canceled orders.

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