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WIND (FW10) - vintage Mk II Tonebender replica

WIND (FW10) - vintage Mk II Tonebender replica

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  • Fuzz engine designed to emulate the sound of vintage Mk II Tonebender
  • Attack Knob controls degree of Distortion
  • Level knob controls output volume
  • Vintage/Hot switch for two levels of Gain
  • Selectable input buffer for smoother note response
  • Mechanical True Bypass Switching
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The original Sola Sound Tonebender was used by some the greatest guitar players of the 60s and 70s.

Manufactured under a myriad of brands, this circuit can be found in the Vox Tonebender Professional MKII, Marshall Supa Fuzz, RotoSound Fuzz Box and the rare Rangemaster Fuzzbug. Yet whatever the name, everyone can agree on one thing – this was the guitar sound of early classic rock.

Perfect for replicating the timeless tones of Beck, Page, & Clapton, the FW10 Fuzz Elements Wind captures all the magic of the original Mk II Tonebender and adds a little modern mojo of its own.

Wind offers an edgy, aggressive tone with plenty of midrange sizzle, yet it cleans up beautifully with your volume knob and offers excellent note definition even with complex chords.

Maxon also added two tweaks to this classic circuit to make it more versatile. First; a Vintage/Hot switch that selects between the Gain level of the original and a higher Gain setting. Vintage serves up 100% Tonebender, while Hot offers more sustain for solos or to drive you amp over the edge.

Wind also features a selectable input buffer that works to provide a more accurate, uncolored recreation of the guitar input signal. In short: It’s your sound, just dirtier.

If you’re looking to worship at the altar of rock’s holy trinity, Fuzz Elements Wind will be your guide.

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