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FLORENCE (1176-style optical compressor) *discontinued*

FLORENCE (1176-style optical compressor) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering. 

1176-style Optical Compressor

FLORENCE is inspired by the legendary 1176 compressor, one of the most famous studio compressors from the 60s.  We have redesigned and evolved to offer surprising sounds and characteristics combined with compact dimensions.   

Florence is fully analog, equipped with a 12AU7 tube which guarantees one sound with a lot of headroom. The compressor is equipped with an optocoupler controlled by a special stage that allows the functionality of: Compressor, Limiter, and Sustainer. The naturalness of sound is its virtue, thanks to the possibility of correcting the equalization with the "Tone", even in extreme ratio conditions. The magic eye (VU) with the peak led displays the working conditions of the compressor, allowing easier use of the pedal. One of the peculiarities of the compressors designed by the "GURU" is to increase the "clean threshold" level. In this way we get an explosive, energetic and dynamically controllable sound by our touch.

Main technical characteristics:
- True bypass switching system
- 4 selectable ratios (4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1)
- 4 Signal displays (Off, +4, +8, input signal)
- Mix Compressor / Limiter (change the direct/ compressed signal)
- Attack and Release level (Establish the attack and release times of compressor)
- Input and Output level (Adjust the input/output volume level)
- Tone (Passive tone control equalization)
- Circuit (PCB) hand-drawn by the "GURU" for low capacities tracks
- Conceived, designed and built in Italy
- Main panel in three-layer color. Plexi (PMMA)

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