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ECHOLTD 2° (dual-channel tube echo) *discontinued*

ECHOLTD 2° (dual-channel tube echo) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering. 

Dual-channel Tube Echo

Based on the Guru’s ECHOSEX 2 LTD project; the ECHOLTD 2° offers the same unique, award-winning sound quality coupled with improved design and functionality.

Inspired by the glorious Italian echo units of the 70’s, the ECHOLTD 2° brings these magical tones into the present-day for all players to enjoy.

The ECHOLTD 2°’s circuit is centered around a Shuguang 12AX7B dual triode that is tested for balance and microphonics and buffered directly with a mosFET. This polarized valve imparts a very musical, natural compression to the sound.

Two independent delay channels with different max delay times (420 mS/580mS) allow the user to toggle between two analog presets, the brightness of which can be adjusted via the Tone control.

Modulation of the delay sound is controlled by the “Magic of Age” control, while “Length of Swell” controls the amount of delay repeats from 1 thru infinite to create the legendary “feedback halos” that this unit is prized for.

Made in a limited numbered series of 500 units with serial number engraved on top, the ECHOLTD 2° is optimized for Guitar use and perfectly simulates a fully restored Binson Echorec; the ideal echo for the best “psychedelic sounds.”

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Turner
10/10 Goldblums

Brilliant piece of engineering here! Can’t find a better echo pedal and I have tried em all. Warm, rich and 3 dimensional echo without sacrificing anything from your base tone. The second foot switch allows for a short and longer delay time to be pre set and accessed on the fly. Do yourself a favor and try one out! It is going to embarrass your El Cap or Faux Tape Echo in the most wonderful ways. 🤘