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BRUTO MKI (multi-channel tube preamp) *discontinued*

BRUTO MKI (multi-channel tube preamp) *discontinued*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering. 

Multi-channel tube preamp

In 2003 the Guru partnered with Donato Begotti to create the Brutus mini amp head.
The goal of this project was to create a small-footprint, low-power tube amp that allowed the user to take the sounds of the stage into the practice room, or even the bedroom if needed.

This concept was met with incredible enthusiasm from the market and was eventually copied by many large and boutique amplifier builders.

However, the needs of the guitarist continue to evolve, and today they are faced with the new challenges of getting “big amp” tones on silent stages, in smaller spaces and on quality home recordings.

Bruto Mk. I was created to bring giant guitar tones to these new performance venues.

Bruto is a multi-channel analog tube preamp that can be used with or without a power amp.

Into an amp, Bruto provides two channels of gloriously gain-full tube guitar tone. Both Sexy Crunch and Lead Super Lead channels feature dedicated Level and Gain controls as well as separate Bass and Treble controls.

In addition, each channel has a screwdriver-adjustable mid-cut control that allows the user to dial in the “bell curve” of the Midrange frequencies to further customize their sound.

An adjustable +0-10 dB, footswitchable Solo Boost is also included, as well as an onboard buffered effects loop to fly-in effects post-gain.

When used without an amp, Bruto becomes a three-channel tube amp with a balanced/unbalanced speaker simulator that can be plugged directly into a mixer or external recording device.

Great attention has been given to retaining realistic amp sound and – more importantly – amp feel when using Bruto in this manner. Bruto excels at offering exceptional signal dynamics and the “sound on touch” that is so important to a Guitarist to let their unique performance personality be shine thru.

Nearly twenty years after Brutus, the Guru continues to innovate and meet the needs of today’s discerning Guitar players.

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