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1959 TIMEDRIVE (British overdrive)

1959 TIMEDRIVE (British overdrive)

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The Magic of British Tone

1959 TIMEDRIVE takes its inspiration from the legendary British OD tone of the 1959 Marshall Plexi, offering a dynamic response and warmth of tone typical of those classic amplifiers.

The TIMEDRIVE ranges from low to mid-level gain and can be used as both a signal booster and an overdrive pedal. Even at low levels, it accurately reproduces the saturation characteristics and signal dynamics of those famous historical amps being played at high volumes.

1959 TIMEDRIVE features a unique twin parallel input buffer that accepts high or low impedance signals with equal aplomb. Its 3-band active tone stack is specially calibrated to capture the best sound details of the classic Plexi.


24 VDC internal voltage-doubling provides maximum headroom and dynamic response while providing low-noise performance even at high gain settings.

Mechanical true bypass switching makes sure you bypassed signal remains clean and unaltered when the effect is OFF.

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