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FORTIN MODDED TS808 Tube Screamer

FORTIN MODDED TS808 Tube Screamer

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Please note:  The Fortin modded TS808 Tube Screamer pedals will not be signed.


  • Classic Ibanez TS808 modified by amp guru Mike Fortin
  • Extreme output level to push any amp to its limits—2.5+ times louder!
  • Gain structure ranges form semi-clean boost to full-bore distortion.
  • Red LED’s in clipping stage for more organic, amp-like tone
  • Secondary Diode Clipping Stage for increased saturation
  • Full-frequency response with accentuated upper midrange
  • Ultra-bright Green LED
  • Buffered Bypass Switching


Due to the limited availability of these pedals, a 20% restocking fee will be charged on all canceled orders.

Amp guru Mike Fortin has once again re-imagined the Tube Screamer with an all-new mod that transforms this classic overdrive into an ear-shattering, amp-destroying juggernaut.

The Fortin-modded TS808 offers even more output level and saturation than his previous TS mods, allowing it to function as everything from an amp booster to a straight-up distortion pedal.

An exercise in sheer excess, the FTS808 is actually 2.5+ times louder than a stock TS808 – this may be the loudest pedal ever made! 

Red LED’s have once again been used in place of standard clipping diodes for a more natural-sounding break-up. 

In addition, a secondary diode clipping stage has been added across the pedal’s Drive pot.  As the Drive control is increased, this additional dirt stage offers a natural-sounding, tube-like clipping with added compression and organic bloom.

The Fortin TS808 mod has also been voiced with an enhanced upper midrange to accentuate pick attack and harmonics while still retaining low-end girth.

With the FTS808, Mike Fortin has once again pushed the limits of circuit design to give guitarists what they crave—MORE, of everything!

Any amps, cables, adapters, or accessories shown are sold separately. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Declan Maynes

Top job!


Did not know what to expect but it is overwhelming and really hot🤘🤘🤘😇👍


Great pedal. Needs a noise gate.

Travis Bennington
Brings any amp to life

The Godlyke/Fortin TS808 is a full throttle monster that, even at its lowest gain setting, just crushes the front end of any amp.
It brought a new life to my Mesa amps, my peavey amps, and Marshall amps alike. But where I really saw this pedal shine was in front of my Quilter OD202’s clean channel. It gave this amp the 3D hit you in the chest characteristic that it was missing. The saturation the TS808 adds to the dryness of the Quilter allows it to feel more like any of my tubes amps than it previously did.

Universally I love this pedal and it quickly became a mainstay on my board under any circumstance.

Daniel Fincher
Balls to the wall

Yes… I know. Does the world really need another overdrive? Well, I’m happy to say that this fills a void I didn’t know I was missing. This pedal alone just takes your amps distortion and makes it powerful, articulate and dynamic to such a noticeable degree it’s hard to turn it off.
Honestly I thought the Duality DX was my favorite but it broke within a month.
So this pedal successfully takes its place. Thank you for making it. Thank you. Hail Fortin 🫡