Collection: CUSTOM SHOP

For the past 20+ years, we had the honor of bringing Maxon® effect pedals to the global market.

Overseen by former Maxon® chief engineer (and Tube Screamer inventor) Susumu Tamura, the Custom Shop took a fresh look at some of Maxon and Ibanez's most popular creations and offers up new takes on these tried and true circuit designs.

In addition, the Custom Shop has also partnered with some of the industry’s top pedal builders such as Keeley Electronics, Earthquaker Devices, and Fortin Amplification to implement their favorite mods and tweaks into existing Maxon® and Ibanez® models.

As we expand the Custom Shop offerings, we look forward to input from our customers as well as any and all pedal users & builders so that we can continue to reinvent this legendary product line and steer it into the future of the pedal multiverse.

*Maxon is a registered trademark of Nisshin Onpa Co., Ltd. of Matsumoto, Japan.  Use of the Maxon trademark is specifically in relation to goods produced by Nisshin Onpa, and does not imply any ownership by Godlyke, Inc. Godlyke, Inc. is NO LONGER Maxon's North American Distributor.

Custom Shop models are hand modified in the United States by Godlyke, Inc. and Godlyke assumes all responsibilities related to warranty and service for these items.