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SEXYBOOST2° (analog tube boost) *CLOSEOUT*

SEXYBOOST2° (analog tube boost) *CLOSEOUT*

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This pedal has been discontinued by Cicognani Engineering. 
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Analog Tube Boost

The SEXYBOOST2° was born with two objectives: a transparent signal BOOST to enlarge your sound for fat rhythms and to increase your volume for searing solos.

  • Tube booster pedal based around 12AU7/ECC83 preamp tube
  • Clean Boost channel with -30 dB to +10db gain range.
  • Mid Boost channel with -30 dB to +8 dB gain range.
  • Global Treble/Bass Cut control for precise tone adjustment.
  • Red/Green LED indicators for channel selection
  • True Bypass Switching.
  • Hand-made in Italy


the SexyBoost2 is an analog, tube-driven booster pedal that is perfect for pushing the front-end of a tube amp or as a level booster in a loop. 

The SexyBoost2 circuit is centered around a 12AU7 preamp tube that provides maximum headroom and transparency.  The pedal features two discreet, footswitchable channels.  The first channel is a Clean Boost with max gain of +10 dB.  This channel is perfect for a thick, full-frequency rhythm sound.  The second channel is a dedicated Mid Boost with a max gain of +8 dB.  This channel is perfect as a lead boost to pop out of a mix.

The SexyBoost2's Tone control is a passive control that works at -6 dB with a frequency of 3K5 Hz.  It works for both both the "clean boost" and "mid boost" channels and is essential for adapting the pedal to your setup.   

The Q of the frequency for the Mid Boost channel is 1000 Hz, while the range is from 800 Hz to 1200 Hz. 


All Cicognani pedals use high quality materials and are designed by The Guru himself, Guglielmo Cicognani.
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