Collection: Maxon 40th Anniversary 9-Series

Forty years ago, Maxon chief engineer and Tubescreamer* designer Susumu Tamura set out to create a new standard in the arena of guitar effects – the result was the Maxon Nine Series.

The Nine Series design is one of the most original and recognizable effect pedal form factors in history, second perhaps only to the BOSS compact series models it was designed to compete with.

Everything about the Maxon Nine Series speaks to quality, efficiency and reliability.  From the all-metal construction to the easy-access footswitch to the built-in control knob protection – each aspect of the Nine-Series design was carefully considered and meticulously implemented to provide professional quality performance in a compact footprint.

Forty years on, original and reissue Nine Series models still command handsome sums and continue to grace the pedalboards and rack systems of professional musicians the world over – a testament to the enduring quality of the Nine Series design.

In 2021, we celebrate the Ruby Anniversary of the Maxon Nine Series with the release of limited-edition versions of two of the most beloved models; the OD-9 Overdrive and SD-9 Sonic Distortion.

Limited to 400 units of each, these 40th Anniversary models have been masterfully modified by their creator Susumu Tamura to match the original 1980’s versions both sonically and electronically.

True-Bypass switching has been replaced with the Electronic Buffered Bypass switching circuitry found in the vintage 1980’s units, and many NOS components have been implemented to capture the sonic nuances of the originals.  

The Nine Series 40th Anniversary models are a must-have for the collector and discerning audiophile who desires to own an indelible piece of effect pedal history.


*TubeScreamer is a registered trademark of Hoshino Gakki and use of this term implies no affiliation with Godlyke, Inc.

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